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Blind Options Unique Range of Window Blinds

Speciality Blinds  |

  • Zebra Blinds

  • Panel Blinds

  • Day & Night Blinds

Zebra blinds is a stylish fabric that gently filters and softens daylight while also offering you the option of full privacy. The Zebra blind offers an ideal balance between privacy and light control in a fashionable way by using bold eye catching stripes. Zebra blinds features two layers of translucent and opaque horizontal stripes fabric. A single control allow the front layer to move independently off the back so that the stripes glide between each other creating an open and closed effect with limited light control. The Panel blind is the new innovative shading solution for larger windows and patio doors that look fabulous in both contemporary and traditional interior design schemes.​ Also stunning as a stylish room divider, the panel blind is available in a diverse range of colorways and designs prevalent to today's busy lifestyle.  The unique wide panels when open stack neatly behind one another allowing maximum light into the room. Sliding the panels into the closed position creates a complete fabric screen providing light control and increased privacy. Day and night blinds can provide you with privacy through the day, while still letting the light in, and keep the world out at night. It is two individual blinds on the same bracket operating individually as a translucent panel for day and a block out for night.

Roller Blinds        |

  • Fabric Roller

  • Bamboo Roller

Roller blinds are available in bamboo or fabric and are designed to provide customers with an item that performs various functions simultaneously, they provide privacy,protection from the sun and insulation while enhancing and complimenting the look of any room. Peculate your light with simple fabric or bamboo roller blinds that are neat, functional, practical and low maintenance. Fabric and patterned provide an uncluttered windows treatment that is more economical than curtains.

Roman Blinds      |

  • Fabric Blinds

  • Bamboo Blinds

Roman blinds are ideal for any window throughout the home, but they are more suited for bedrooms, lounges and dining rooms, due to the wonderful lovely soft look it gives to the room. Roman blinds are also available in fabric or bamboo folding up as you pull the blind up. Roman blinds are made of a top head rail white epoxy coated aluminium profile which houses the manual control system, a fabric section where stiffening rods are located which ensure neat folds when the blind is raised, a flat hanging blind when they are lowered and a bottom rail. Roman blinds come in the same light filtering or blackout fabrics as roller blinds.

Venetian Blinds  |

  • Wood Blinds

  • Aluminium Blinds

  • Plaswood Blinds

Venetian blinds are not a total light block out product. The blind will close sufficiently to ensure privacy but will allow light into the room. It is there for not entirely room darkening. Wooden blinds capture natures beauty and enhance rooms, coziest qualities while giving windows center stage status. We also offer a wood substitute Venetian blind -Plaswood- made from  a poly-styrine resin base, it is an ideal choice for bathrooms or damp areas. Aluminium blinds are available in 25 mm and 50 mm, plain colors, brushed or wood look. Aluminium wood look blinds with wood trimmings is an exciting product as an alternative to real wood. the wood trimmings consist of a real wood valance, bottom rail, wand and toggle which gives the blind an extremely authentic wood look at minimal cost.

Vertical Blinds     |

  • Fabric Blinds

  • Blockout Blinds

Vertical blinds are popular for all types of rooms as the fully closed slats offer increased privacy and protection from strong sunlight. The vertical slats allow the blinds to cover large windows and sliding doors, parting left, right or splitting evenly to either side. when vertical blinds slats are tilted they allow light to enter, they can open up the view and at the same time offer a degree of privacy. Remember that light will filter through any vertical blind no matter how dense the fabric is especially between the side of the wall and slat. Slats are available in width sizes of 127 mm or 90 mm.

Shutters                |

Automation          |

  • Roman Blinds

  • Roller Blinds

  • Aluminium Blinds

  • Wooden Blinds

  • Curtain Tracks

Motorized blinds add a level of ease and convenience with the touch of a single button. Your entire house can be synced to a single remote control to open and close your interior blinds. There are other benefits that come with having automatic blinds beyond just the comfort. Blinds are an essential addition to your home for energy savings as well as improved security. Your windows release a lot of the temperature from within the home – heat in the winter and coolness in the summer. Studies show that windows lose as much as 75 percent of energy compared to a wall space of similar size and shape. Blinds and window coverings help reduce solar heating during the summer and heat loss during the summer. In addition, interior blinds that move via automation make your home less of a target. Burglars look for unoccupied, easy targets. Even when you’re not at home, your blinds can move up and down on a set schedule to similar activity within the home.

Shutter are practical and elegant, custom-made, Louvre door shutters, manufactured from a durable specially engineered wood substitute -extruded PVC- that has been thoroughly tested under stringent humid, hot and dry conditions to ensure longevity. Whether you want to invite light and a sense of space into your home at the oceans edge or in the middle of the Karoo, shutters will deliver on its promise of merging indoor and outdoor living-elegantly.

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